Sunday, 26 February 2012

London Fashion Week A/W 2012

Two days after my exhausting yet amazing amazing trip to New York, I hopped on a megabus down to London for London Fashion Week. I know, my life really is starting to get exciting ahh! 
I worked at Vauxhall Fashion Scout which is an independent event connected to LFW, which focuses on highlighting new talent in the design industry.

The week really was amazing. Being a member of the front of house team, my role was to primarily make up goodie bags, and to seat the guests at the shows. The week has given me a great amount of experience, and has helped me to decide that I officially want to move to London after I finish uni. 


1) Meeting really inspiring people such as Kate Moss and Henry Holland - people who have made a name for themselves in an industry which I am desperate to make my name in!

2) Meeting model David Gandy.... I think you may understand why (hehe)

3) The goodie bags - we received these at the end of our week, and they consisted of over £70 worth of Body Shop make up, Label M hair products, chocolates and much more! (easily pleased)

4) The shows - I probably should have written this before the goodie bags but I guess I got carried away... Experiencing both the backstage atmosphere and physically watching the shows made me realise why I love fashion. The clothes I got to see were incredible, and I have so much respect for all the designers who put so much effort into their collections!

5) This hasn't actually got anything to do with Fashion Week but we managed to go and see Ghost The Musical whilst in London. Literally the most amazing show I have ever seen, I would definitely go again and would recommend this to any show lover! One of the best! 

More about my favourite designers will be up in the next few days as all this travelling has made me ridiculously tired!

Jess x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Final Day - NYC

Woke up at 5:30am (after coming back from the Glamour party at 1am) to get ready to work at the Ruffian show at NYFW! Never done this kind of this before so I was extremely excited for such an amazing opportunity! We had to dress the models for the show. Watching them all over 6ft tall in their shoes with their flawless make up, gorgeous designer clothes, and neatly curled hair it was amazing to believe that these were actually real people. They just looked like dolls to me, and I felt such a mess stood next to them! 
Whilst talking to one model I found it incredible that she was only 16 years old. She told me she had been modelling since the age of 14 after being scouted, and then went on to tell me she was working NYC, London, Milan AND Paris fashion week. I found it extremely hard to imagine a life such as hers at my age, even though I am three years older than her. 

We had to wear black, so this is what I wore...

Later that day there was only time for a quick Macdonalds (you have to experience it in America and besides I had already spent the majority of my dollars!) before we jetted back to the UK!

Finally my trip to the Big Apple was over, but I was relieved by hearing that I will be visiting once again next year for my mum's 50th birthday!

Here is what I wore on the flight home..

Day 4 - NYC

It’s come round so quick...Our last day!!! CRY!  
Just when everything begins to pick up and NYC finally gets amazingly exciting our last day arrives, so we were determined to make it an amazing one.

                                                                        What I wore...

The day started out with a spot of shopping, heading back to Broadway, 5th Ave and Urban Outfitters in particular. We also went souvenir shopping, buying mini Statue of Liberty’s and NYC t shirts for example.

The thing I was probably most looking forward to of the whole trip was our lunch... Ellen’s Stardust Diner. A MUST if you are a fan of Glee/Broadway musicals etc. It is a classic American diner selling American food, but the waiters burst out into song every 5 mins, jumping on tables and singing in your faces. Whilst this sounds off putting it really wasn’t and I didn’t want to leave! They work here to be spotted by agencies and Broadway casting crews, and being situated in Broadway I would highly recommend a visit here!

The evening was full of music and dance too. Myself, Bek and Emily went to see Chicago on Broadway. I’ve never been particularly bothered about watching the film but once I saw it I cannot wait to watch it. The songs are amazing and the show in general was just really exciting – another thing I would recommend! Also if any of you are going to visit NYC any time soon, Evita and Ghost The Musical are both heading to Broadway in March – two of my ultimate favourites!!

                                                                     What I wore...

We couldn’t believe our luck when myself and Bek were invited to the Glamour magazine party. We got in with wristbands and it was filled with models, bloggers, photographers, fashion directors and people working fashion week. Arriving late, I missed seeing celebrities such as Olivia Palermo though I would have loved to see her as I love her style! Unfortunately for me I fell over right outside the building when I was leaving... awkward.

Overall this was my favourite day of the whole trip – no worries about luggage, stolen items, spiked drinks or anything, just shopping, music and fashion!

Day 3 - NYC

Unfortunately I had internet problems the last few days I was in NYC. Finally I am back in good ol' Newcastle so will finish updating you on my last few amazing days! 

I’ve come to realise that there is never an uneventful day in the Big Apple.

As I previously thought, last night did bring more adventures. Celebrating my friend Holly’s 21st we took the subway to Soho in search for a decent restaurant. On our trek we bumped into two (rather good looking) guys who we then found out were models and had just been booked for Celine! They were quite charming and lead us to a lovely Japanese restaurant. We found out they were also club promoters, and so got us into a club round the corner. MENTAL. It was a good night out experiencing NYC nightlife with the girls but the fun ended when we realised my friend’s drink had been spiked and we had to go back to the hotel.

                                                                    What I wore...

Despite this I was still eager to enjoy my day, and so went to the Big Daddy’s diner for breakfast. The French toast was amazing, the portions so big I couldn’t even eat half!

We then took the subway to Brooklyn, It’s crazy how different it is to the big skyscrapers of Manhatten. There are lots of cute little boutiques and vintage shops wherever you go so It’s a nice change. 

                                                                        What I wore...

One girl struck me as she walked down the street, perfect street style photo opportunity...
Love how people in New York are fearless and have their own personal and quirky styles.

In the evening we went late night shopping, bought various clothes from Forever 21 and make up from Sephora (one of my fave shops ever ever) followed by a meal at the infamous Hard Rock Cafe New York. The food is amazing and set right in the middle of Broadway it’s in the perfect location!

                                                                        What I wore...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 2 - NYC

FINALLY we have our suitcases!! So here’s my first ‘Today I’m wearing’ post!
This morning I wore a black and white horizontal striped pencil dress from River Island, and a short orange jacket from H&M with my leopard print heels from believe it or not....Mark and Spencers.

This morning was a weird one. I couldn’t wait to open my suitcase, but when I did I found that both my digital camera and Vivienne Westwood necklace were missing. This obviously put a dampener on my day but I was determined to go out and turn it around, as New York is still fabulous.

The first thing I did was venture to the Magnolia Bakery, famous for being adored by Carrie Bradshaw and the other SATC girls. We took our (amazing) cupcakes with us and ate them outside Tiffany’s...(a must!) before pursuing another shopping trip.

The shopping trip wore us out, yes even a group of girly fashion students get overwhelmed sometimes too, so took a taxi back to the hotel. As we’d gone through one whole day of not having our luggage we thought it only fair to change outfits half way through the day. Why not?
I changed into a short b&w dress also from River Island and my new dogtooth coat from Karen Millen.

We then went to the Museum of Sex for some laughs (an experience) and then found an amazing vintage shop in Manhatten called Beacon’s Closet! I tried on dresses by Alice & Olivia, and lovely old sequined jackets but unfortunately they didn’t fit as I’d hoped. This is definitely a must though if you visit NYC, some great bargains to be made!! We went to see the Statue of Liberty and then went on to visit Ground Zero. I didn’t anticipate how emotional this would be, and I was literally brought to tears. Such an amazing memorial, the pools are absolutely breathtaking and it really does put your life into perspective.

Im writing this blog now although it’s only 7pm here in NYC so I’m sure there’ll be more adventures to come!

But for now, bye from NYC xx


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Day 1 - NYC

Well... Previous to coming to NYC I had big hopes of writing posts filled with exciting stories and amazing experiences of my journey in the Big Apple!!

However...our luggage was lost. Being a fashion student, of all places my luggage had to be lost in New York. I have now lasted 2 whole days wearing pretty much the same outfit. Honestly, If I never see my black jeans and top again I will not even care. I was seriously contemplating facing the streets of New York in my Barbie pyjamas!!

I had intentions of doing ‘What I Wore in NYC’ posts, however my ‘What I Wore’ post from today only reads ‘exactly what I wore yesterday’. Somehow I don’t think this is acceptable in the fashion world...

Anyway with the help of some lovely assistants in Sephora I was given samples of everything I could have needed in terms on make-up, making myself feel at least slightly more presentable. Thank God for this as 2 minutes later I was having my photo taken with the naked cowboy! I also bought myself a new MAC lipstick in ‘Lady Danger’, a sparkly bronze eyeshadow palette from Urban Outfitters and a nail varnish also from Urban Outfitters in ‘Smush’, a lovely duck egg blue colour fitting in with this season’s pastel colours trend.

Not being able to face those dreaded black jeans again, I made a dash to CVC for some tights to go with the tutu skirt I had in my hand luggage (feeling quick Carrie Bradshaw at this moment) despite still feeling a mess.

FINALLY the suitcases have just arrived and so now my spirits are up I can finally look forward to my second day in the Big Apple!! 


Sephora make up samples

More make up samples

My purchases of the day!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


(Bek and myself being uber keen)
So tomorrow I am off on my travels to New York for a week! Cannot believe it has come around so soon. Still trying to pack - nightmare.
I'm going to do my best to update my blog daily while I'm there, and as its the beginning of NY Fashion Week this week hopefully I'll have some exciting stories to tell! 


Thursday, 2 February 2012

More Lipstick Glamour

Just browsing the web and came across this blog:

Glamour Daze

I came across it whilst typing 'Lipstick Glamour' into Google out of interest. It's great as it focuses a lot around vintage fashion and beauty trends and being a particular lover of lipstick I find it an interesting read!