Friday, 16 December 2011


Well, the title may seem misleading as being a poor student I probably still won't be able to afford any collection by Karl Lagerfeld. My budget will pretty much only stretch to Primark right now!
However, the prospect of a less expensive offspring of Chanel excites me incredibly!

Yesterday, a page was launched on to launch Karl Lagerfeld's new collection 'Karl', which will be released on 25th January next year. The site shows previews of the collection - monocrome colours, pleated skirts, and tailord suits; pieces clearly showing similarities to those of true Chanel.

The new collection has already raised hype, with a countdown on the main page counting down the days until the collection is released. People who are interested in the release can sign up to 'Karl's Kult' where they receive emails about the collection and the chance to enter competitions.

There is also the opportunity to download a new iphone app, where people can play 'Find Karl' (imagine Pacman without the creepy ghosts) where you have to collect all of the Karl heads before the timer runs out. The winner will win up to £1000 to spend on, with Karl choosing the winner himself next month. 

Another exciting element is to 'Karlify' yourself, by uploading a picture wich will then transform you into an aviator and white collar wearing, white headed man. Supposedly. Again, Karl will choose his favourite in January.

So there it is, another exciting collection to look forward to! It seems Karl Lagerfeld seems at home with making collections for people who can't afford the elaborate prices of Chanel. In 2004 Karl was the first to collaborate with international fashion brand H&M, with the aim to create mass appeal for the brand. However, he claimed he would never work with H&M again. 'Accusing the Swedish retailer of "snobbery" for producing minimal numbers of his designs, it had defeated his intention of making clothes available to the thousands of people who could not afford to shop at Lagerfeld Gallery, Chanel or Fendi.’

I personally can't wait to for this new collection, so my student loan can go away if it thinks it's going to get in the way of this post-Christmas indulgence!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Evita. My Fashion Icon.

Ok ok ok, I think it's about time I write this on here. Some people who know me, in particular Miss Victoria Fawcett, know that I seem to have a little obsession with Evita. It's not really an obsession, more of a fascination I believe. It's not so much about the musical film either (starring Madonna) but more so the life of Eva Peron herself - a true fashion icon.

 At the age of just 15 Eva Peron moved to the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina (also known as the Paris of South America) to live her dreams as an actress. It was here that she fell in love with Juan Peron, who became President of Argentina a year after they were married. She was an inspirational and powerful woman. Starting off as an actress, her links with politics soon led her to successfully push for a woman's right to vote and the legalisation of divorce. She particularly specialised in helping the poor classes, spending millions to improve their lives.

She is also inspirational in the fashion world. Similar to Gabrielle Chanel, Eva was one of the first Argentine women to wear trousers in public. What she was most known for, however, was that she wore clothes designed by some of the world's most influential designers. As Eva did so much work for the lower classes, apparently many designers would hide the fact they designed for her, worrying that this would annoy some of their most elite clients.
She was loved and loathed in Argentina. Some of the upper class thought of her as a hypocrite "for wearing Dior and diamonds whilst allying with the poor". However, the majority of the lower classes found her an inspiration with her "rags to riches" story.

After her premature death in 1952, Eva Peron still has influence over the fashion industry. A 2010 collection by Jorge Ibanez was inspired by Evita; with fabulous ball gowns, hats, diamonds and lookalike models. The whole show oozed Eva's glamour, and there was even a dramatic ending. Valeria Lynch, the first Argentine singer to play Eva Peron in Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical production 'Evita' sang 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina' on a balcony overlooking the catwalk - wearing an Ibanez suit of course.

Eva Peron is definitely my favourite icon of past times, as I admire her dedication to society and the fashion industry. Upon being asked what he would have designed for Eva if she were still alive today, Ibanez replied without hesitation "I would have made her a black velvet dress with a touch of crystals. It would have been fantastic." A dress which I believe sounds the epitome of early 20th century glamour.
Jorge Ibanez himself with models from his 'Evita 2010 Collection'

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Colour Story.

Christmas is two weeks away, I'm going back home to sunny sunny Lancaster (or maybe not) next week and FINALLY most of uni's first semester deadlines are over! Thank God for that.
The project I've enjoyed the most, and I'm probably most proud of is Photography.

The last photoshoot I did was named Colour Story. Focusing on the colour red, I went for a wander around freezing Newcastle (which ended up turning into a lunch date with my friend Bek in M&S) snapping anything that caught my eye. Of course, using Bek as my muse.