Friday, 27 January 2012

Bums, Bikinis and Mountains of Cocaine

Today university has inspired me to research deeper into the international fashion scene. In small groups we were given a location to research and were told to find aspects of fashion that intrigued us.

My location? South America.

Never before did I realise just how exciting the South American fashion world actually is. Researching countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Columbia, I find it interesting to compare these areas to those in Europe; where skinny models are still widely thought of to be the perfect choice for catwalk shows. However, South Americans still believe in perfection. In a recent video by 'Vice' magazine, it was revealed that the majority of models in Columbia have received breast/bum implants, promoting a message dissimilar to that of Europe's that curvy models are always the first choice. It seems that most girls have surgery by the time they reach 17, many of them asking their fathers to save up for their 16th birthdays. This famous Latina booty and accentuated form is referred to as "Narco Beauty", hence there is a lot of underwear/swimwear on the catwalks of Columbian Fashion Week from brands such as 'Leonisa'.

South America is also known for its somewhat glamourised view of drugs. Part of the set at Columbian fashion week was mountains of "fake" cocaine. Is it just me or does anyone else think this is a bit OTT?

Anyway, through my research I've spotted two new designers which I love!

1) Samuel Cirnasck. Known for his elaborate and theatrical catwalk performances; his latest collection was inspired by the Natalie Portman film 'Black Swan'. My aim in life is to one day attend an event where I WILL be wearing a dress like this!

2) Coven. Knitwear designer who uses embellishment to make creative and stylish clothes.

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