Thursday, 5 January 2012


So here it is, the start of a new year. 2012 is going to be BIG. It signifies the year the Olympics come to London and, supposedly, the year the world will end. However, on a less depressing note, 2012 brings a fresh start to the fashion industry.

Going out to celebrate the turn of the new year with friends at good old Toast, Lancaster's infamous nightclub, the fashions of 2011 became evident with animal print, bold colours and sequins being worn by the majority.

Kelly, Lizzie & Beth in animal print
Me and Meagan in sequins!

However, after the first viewings of the Spring 2012 collections it seems there are new trends on the horizon!
In terms of colour, pastel pinks, neutrals and whites will make a comeback this year. Moving on from the animal print trend, safari styles are set to be big, with designs from Donna Karan and Oscar de la Renta leading the catwalks.

Oscar de la Renta
Donna Karan

Also, 2012 sees the return of femininity with detail and embellishments, perhaps my favourite trend forecast of 2012 so far as I too have a feminine style. Examples of this come from designers Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana
 Something different to hit the fashion industry is the new sports style with designers such as Versace bringing a new meaning to sportswear for stylish, sporty women around the world. Whilst I don't see myself as the particularly "sporty" type, I am a fan of the structure and fit of the clothes. I'm also not particularly a fan of baseball caps, however even these managed to hit the catwalks this season on multiple occasions!
Last year saw the return of the 1940's glamour trend. This year however, fashion is moving back in time once again to the 1920's. In particular, designers such as Roberto Cavalli show off latest designs with drop-waists and sequins, imitating almost flapper-style dresses. Perfect for nights out!

                                 Roberto Cavalli

This year promises exciting times for fashion. Along with these trends, new ones such as loose fit jeans and bermuda shorts are set to be big this year. However, personally I'm not a fan of the baggy look. Despite this, I can't wait to see if any of these trends really take off, or if anything else crops up throughout the year! Fashion really is ever changing.

So bring it on 2012! I'm determined to make the most of every opportunity that arises. Travel in particular will be a big part of this year for me, with a trip to New York in Feb (running alongside NY Fashion Week) and a trip to Barcelona over Easter already planned, I can't wait to experience new places and especially new fashions! 

Happy New Year everyone!! xxx

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