[dih-vur-si-tee, dahy-]  Show IPA
noun, plural di·ver·si·ties.
the state or fact of being diverse difference; unlikeness.
variety; multiformity.
a point of difference.

Well, it's back to uni in September for me! I literally cannot wait to get back and get stuck into some exciting uni work with my fellow fashionistas, it's been a while!

Anyway, we have been sent a summer project to do...'DIVERSITY'. (Check out the new page dedicated to it above!) Basically we just have to gather our thoughts and collect any images that we find interesting or inspiring to do with diversity in the fashion industry. 

Instead of making another sketchbook (as undoubtedly I will be putting together MANY more sketchbooks over the next year), I thought I'd incorporate my thoughts into my blog.

So, be prepared for something a bit different - deep thoughts, inspirational imagery and things that make you go wow!

Jess xx



Read my article about one of my style icons, Iris Apfel, on British Style Bloggers!! I think it is refreshing to see someone experiment with style in such an impacting and inspirational way. It just goes to show that no matter what age you are, you can always be a style icon. 



One of my previous blog posts, 'Goldenballs for Elle!' talks about the reasoning behind placing Becks on the cover of Elle magazine - whose covers are usually graced with beautiful women. A glorious moment for anti-sexism! Well...who wouldn't want to see Becks on their magazine cover?



Another old post of mine 'Bums, Bikinis, and Mountains of Cocaine' delves into the world of the South American fashion scene, focusing more closely on Columbia. This post came after researching the topic at uni, and I was astounded that many 16 year olds were granted breast/bum implants for their birthdays, as so many models have them in that part of the world. It seems that being 'curvy' is the real definition of 'beauty' over there, but is this too extreme? Is this a warped sense of beauty, having to DIY as opposed to gracing ones natural self  in realistic terms?



Swimwear designer, Delores Cortes, has made a huge stand against discrimination by using a baby girl with Down Syndrome to front her recent ad campaign. 

"People with Down Syndrome are just as beautiful and deserve the same opportunities. I'm thrilled to have Valentina modelling for us," says Cortes.

The baby, Valentina Guerrero, flaunts the new kids collection just as well as any other child could, and I am so happy that people with disabilities are finally being included in the fashion industry. 

According to reports, 10% of its profits from the kids range is being donated to the Down Syndrome Association of Miami.


Ethnicity in Fashion


Paint My World Beautiful

In June this year, Beth Norman, a student from Southampton hosted her final year exhibition at an Illamasqua store in Soho. 'Paint My World Colourful' is an exhibition which promotes diversity in fashion and beauty and being true to who you are.

The exhibition comprised of a series of editorial photoshoots using models of every shape, size and colour you could possibly think of. 

 “Every model I have used for this project has been alternative or not ‘the norm’ – I have used bald models, tall models, plus size models and even cross dressing models…all of them are from different backgrounds and ethnicities, all of them are beautiful.”

“Image is important to me, I am a stylist so I just love playing with textures and colours – collaging! People say you shouldn’t put certain things together – I think it is about finding the right shades and textures. It is the same with models, one of the models here today is a size 16 and she is amazing! That is just not the norm in the fashion industry.”

This is an example of how the fashion industry has come forward in leaps and bounds, when being compared to the days where it was unheard of to even see a model of different ethnicity grace the cover of a high-end fashion magazine. 

I know there is still a long way to go until the fashion industry grants full acceptance to people who don't fit the "norm" in terms of beauty, but I do not doubt that this goal isn't unachieavable. 


Street Style

I always believe that street style is a fabulous way of representing diversity. Everyone has their own unique sense of style, and street style photographers really show this off by catching people in their everyday environments in a way that isn't staged, and is completely natural. We get the chance to see who people really are. 

I particularly love the work by Lee Oliveira - internationally successful blogger and photographer, whose street style photography has featured in multiple fashion publications. 



It is finally time to shine for 45 year old mother, Dawn Collinson. Currently suffering with an aggressive brain tumour, being the newest model for popular (my favourite) make-up and cosmetics brand Illamasqua was the last thing she thought would happen. 

This just goes to show how the fashion and beauty industry is evolving, and brands are finally showing acceptance to those who aren't your typical model choice - showing support and giving a confidence boost to those who need it most.

For a more in depth read, go to:


Cocaine & Cotton Wool

I just stumbled across this really interesting article in The Telegraph regarding skinny models, and the lengths they often resort to in order to remain thin. With New York Fashion Week starting today, the pressures upon models are becoming even more apparent!


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