Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Itsy Bitsy Bikinis...Really?

I recently stumbled across this month's German Vogue cover featuring supermodel Carolyn Murphy in a gorgeous tangerine swimsuit, photographed by the well respected fashion photographer - Alexi Lubomirski. I adore this image for three reasons: 1) It instantly made me want to go on holiday 2) I love how the swimsuit is striking (orange is the perfect colour to compliment a tan...that is unless you have a tendency to turn lobster red) and 3) It fits in well with this season's trends.
The metallic waistband gives the swimsuit a fashionable twist, and would probably suit someone wanting to lounge on the beach, catch the rays and crave some attention as opposed to those sea lovers! It is a fashion statement, and I feel that is what the majority of swimsuits have turned into.

Women are always on the look out for flattering shapes and complimentary colours when it comes to picking new swimsuits. Let's face it, nobody wants to look like a beached whale on a beach full of pretty little fishies!  That's why I feel that finding the perfect swimwear is an important decision. I don't know if it's just because I'm a fashion student and I'm obsessed with anything that can be thrown onto my body, but everybody likes to feel good.

The James Bond films are much to blame for the whole swimsuit obsession. The film exposed bikinis on television for the first time e.g. in the case of infamous Bond girl Honey Ryder (bottom) and later on with Halle Berry (top). The German Vogue cover instantly made me think of Bond girls, as I believe Carolyn Murphy definitely has the same sex appeal and sultry femininity that is shared amongst all of Mr Bond's female "friends". Her swimsuit in particular much resembles a more current version of the suits that Bond girls used to wear. Whilst the Bond swimsuits were fitted with belts (to hold daggers apparently...we don't need those), the metallic band that Murphy wears shows how styles can be modified to bring them into the present and to make them strikingly fashionable in the current fashion industry. Murphy also wears a strapless bikini (this probably wasn't around all those years ago), and the bottoms are high waisted. It seems that lately high waisted shorts and trousers just aren't enough as I've noticed that high waisted bikinis are also making a comeback into the industry, in particular I've spotted a fair few recently in Urban Outfitters! Love the throwback to the 1960's/1970's! Whilst I do like them and think they're great for fashionable reasons  e.g. photoshoots, I'm not sure I'll be investing in one this year (think of the tan lines!)

All this talk of bikinis fits in very well with this Summer's launch of two Victoria Secret stores in London on July 25th and 27th. I've always found that whilst they might be slightly pricey, VS bikinis are always well-fitted and you are so spoilt for choice if you have a gander on their website! BIKINI HEAVEN. 

So there we have it - how one innocent Vogue cover can trigger so many fashionable thoughts! I have already bought 3 bikinis, a kaftan and a pair of fab sunnies in the last few months or so, and dare I say it I should quit this impulsive spending! However, with only a couple months left before I jet off somewhere exotic (booking somewhere first will be an excellent start), I have just enough time to search for the perfect pair of sandals...

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