Tuesday, 25 October 2011

University Life.

So I've now been at uni in Newcastle for approx 6 weeks and I have experienced so much since being here already! The lack of recent posts is a reflection of how busy I've been! Living with 3 other girls I thought could be challenging however I am sure I have THE nicest flatmates, Beth, Ash and Crissi which has made the transition to uni much easier for me! Of course I miss home as well, especially my mum who is my best friend, but it's nice to know that she's excited for me here!

Ash, Beth, Crissi and me - Flat 57 Girliess! <3
Of course the main reason I am in Newcastle is to study! Absolutely loving my course at the moment - Fashion Communication! I was destined to work in the fashion industry since I was little as I've always had a passion for it and I'm so glad I followed my heart! I find the course fascinating, focusing on journalism, photography, branding and installation at the moment is giving me skills and confidence to pursue a career in this field. And with the possibility of a trip to New York Fashion Week in February I am literally about to burst with excitement!! The girls on my course are lovely as well which makes my lectures even more entertaining and enjoyable! A recent photoshoot with Megan and Vicki turned into cocktails at the Slug and Lettuce on the Quayside - I will definitely be doing this more often!
I think Photography is something I'll definitely pursue as I have a particular interest in styling and like to think I have a creative eye, so here are a few of my photos I have taken so far to end this post! I will keep you updated about anything exciting that happens here, as I'm sure there will be many more exciting times to come!
But for now, bye from Newcastle! xxx

The always stylish Mr James Steen posing for my 'Portrait Within A Portrait' assignment

Megan looking lovely on my 'Creative Portrait' assignment. You know she's a good friend when she wears heels for me just after twisting her ankle <3

At the scenic Quayside in Newcastle!

My fave :)

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Alice said...

sounds like you're having an amazing time! NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!!!?? amazing! and your photos are beautiful, your fave is also my fave, lots of love x x x