Sunday, 28 August 2011

My Introduction

"Gucci Gucci Coo" - 3 words that were to change my life forever. I may have been only 2 years old having my cheeks squeezed by a kind auntie but little did she know that this was the start of a 19 year love affair with the fashion world.

Aged 3, Mum says I insisted on fairy dresses and sequin shoes. Aged 8, it was all about Catwalk Barbie and staging my own show with my collection of dolls. Bored in a maths lesson, my favourite doodle was intertwined double C's. By age 14, my friend and I began styling photoshoots - wishing we could be Anna Wintour. I so hoped for a school blazer that somehow would compare to a Ralph Lauren one I had seen in Selfridges, but had to make do with a woolly jumper instead.

Five years later I have never been more certain that a career in fashion is for me. Lancaster to Newcastle here I come, with hopefully a few stops in New York and Milan on the way.
Carrie Bradshaw watch out - I too will go to the Met Costume Institute Gala as a paid up member of the fashion community!

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