Friday, 6 April 2012

I want Green shoes!

'Fathers and daughters are something else,' says billionaire Topshop boss, Sir Philip Green. 'They're our Achilles heel.' 

It seems his daughter, Made In Chelsea star Chloe Green, also finds heels an important part of her life as she is launching her own shoe line in May.

Chloe is using her initials CJG (Chloe Jade Green) to name the collection, and each sole of the shoe will be jade green in colour - a quirky take on the classic red soles of Louboutin. 

The shoes will be priced between £80 and £200. Time to start saving girlies!!

The confirmed date for the launch is set to be 17th May 2012,         where the line will be showcased in Topshop Oxford Circus and online at . 

Now all that's left to do is actually see the shoes! Let's hope the collection isn't a (flip) flop or Sir Philip Green might be left in an awkward situation! 

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