Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Going Gaga for Gaga

It has officially been revealed that Lady Gaga has the privilege of gracing the cover of the most talked about and longed for magazine release of the year - the September issue've guessed it...American Vogue.

Image taken from 'Fashion Gone Rogue'

For those of you out there thinking, "yeah, so what?" you obviously don't understand how much of a big deal this actually is. The September issue is the equivalent of a January in a Christian calendar, the "New Year's Day" of the magazine world if you like. This issue is full to the brim of photo shoots and written pieces, and is always the thickest (and unfortunately heaviest) issue of the year. American Vogue's September Issue is always larger than It's UK counterpart - Anna Wintour sure is a hard working gal! The hard work put into this issue is evident to me after watching my favourite documentary of all time 'The September Issue' - a fly on the wall account of the hectic goings on behind the scenes in preparation for its release.

So why choose Lady Gaga? Well...It's the September issue. It needs to make a certain impact that will make people shout "WOW" and pull it off the shelves! And who better than a lady who's style is ever changing? Much like our current fashion scene! It is Vogue's chance to start afresh and Lady Gaga brings something different to the fashion scene every day of the year. Known for her individual (and sometimes obscene) style, she is sure to grab people's attention. Quirky is certainly an understatement.

The September issue will not be Gaga's introduction to the Vogue scene however, she appeared in a spread in March 2011 and managed to nab the cover, lucky lady!

                                                          Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue
The photos were shot by the fabulous Mario Testino, a definite legend in the fashion photography scene, and I think they are beautiful. As Gaga is known for her OTT and often quite in your face, sexual nature, it is a breath of fresh air to see these photos. The pastel colour pallette contrasted with her dark lip maintains a certain softness and vulnerability that isn't usually paired with Lady Gaga, though it still gives her a quirky and fashionable edge. The gorgeous couture gowns and beautiful back drops still exude the drama and appeal that makes us familiar with Lady Gaga.

I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite Gaga magazine covers and editorial pieces - evidence why I believe that Lady Gaga will make a fabulous September girl!

Where else should I start but with that infamous MEAT DRESS. Yes you heard it, in case you didn't know (although I'm sure the whole world pretty much knows) Gaga once wore a dress made from meat. REAL meat. The photo shoot graced the cover of mens Vogue Japan. I found it interesting that this shoot was placed in the men's version of Vogue as opposed to the women's, reflecting Gaga's sex appeal and making her out to be "a piece of meat" - excuse the pun. I know she is one for dressing in crazy outfits, but a meat dress definitely took it to the next level - too far if you ask me. It just makes me cringe to think of the texture and the smell of a garment like this, and if I were to wear this I would certainly turn into a veggie! I do have to commend her for her extraordinary confidence though, it can't be easy to wear this monstrosity in the public eye! And in all fairness, the photo shoot proves that meat can, in fact, look stylish! Who else could pull off a piece of meat quite like Gaga??

I love seeing the subtle and more vulnerable side to Gaga from time to time, and this Vanity Fair shoot from September 2010 really brings this secret side of her to the fore. 

This Harpers Bazaar shoot from April 2011 is so dramatic and I love the fact there is a choir of mini Gaga's alongside the show stopper songstress herself - I would personally pay a lot of money to see a performance by this crowd!

I adore the colour red. Lipstick, name it - I will probably wear it. Hence why I love this Vanity Fair cover from January 2012. It is beautiful, striking and a very high fashion photo. It is lovely to see her looking classic as opposed to the crazy woman she is often portrayed as.

i-D magazine is a must buy for me! I love to see who graces each cover and who gives us that recognisable wink that i-D is famously known for.

Again, I love the natural look every now and again. I particularly love the Elle cover on the left as I LOVE the coral dress she is wearing, the detail is so delicate and beautiful. Her short, choppy hair and the eye masks give the covers a certain edge however that makes them appealing.

'In Lady Gaga's Wake' indeed. The whole world is in awe of Lady Gaga, everyone is wanting to know just what she will wear next. I love how empowering she looks in this image which featured in Vanity Fair magazine. She looks like a real style diva sailing away from the skyscrapers of fashion capital NYC in all her glory.

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The Elle covers are my favourite, so minimal!