Friday, 1 June 2012

I'm so excited I could WEE! It's the Queen's JUBILEE!

I came across this tea towel design the other day which has been designed by Henry Holland and I just love it! It is safe to say that the UK has certainly gone potty about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee which is fast approaching. Everywhere I go I see the colours red, white and blue - bunting and Union Jacks decorating every street corner.
With the Jubilee and the Olympics taking over I have never felt so patriotic in my life! It's just a shame that poor Mr Humperdinck failed in his attempts at winning Eurovision for us, (well, a shame for people like me who actually care about cheesy stuff like that), otherwise it really would be our year! Nevertheless, 2012 represents a year of true British pride.

The fashion world has also gone Jubilee crazy! Bring on the GB trend - bold colours, striking prints, jewels, cameos and a dash of royal glitz and glamour fit for a Queen!

Of course the Union Jack is the most iconic image of British culture, and who doesn't remember THAT dress made famous by the one and only Ginger Spice - Geri Halliwell???

It seems that for many years there has been British influence over the fashion industry. Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Christopher Bailey, Philip Treacy and Paul Smith just to name a few of the top British designers.

One designer that stands out for me is the iconic and influential Vivienne Westwood. Interestingly, on the night of the Queen's Silver Jubilee Vivienne Westwood was arrested along with the Sex Pistols for mocking the Queen's procession on a boat down the River Thames. The Sex Pistols were performing their anti-monarchist song 'God Save The Queen' which had raised a lot of hype at that time.

Despite this minor incident, Vivienne Westwood met the Queen in 1992 and was awarded with an OBE. She was also later given the Dame status. Her collections have always been influenced by royalty and British culture - crown motifs and Union Jacks have been used in many of her pieces over the years. Her logo itself is an orb...can anyone see the link here?
For the forthcoming Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Vivienne Westwood has this month released a collection entitled 'The Red Carpet Capsule Collection' in which she once again uses the Union Jack as the main feature. She also changes the traditional colours of the flag to golds, bronzes and silvers in some pieces, giving them a modern twist.
If anyone is interested and has enough cash ready at their fingertips, prices start at £650!

For those of us who don't have that sort of money, the high street is just as full of fantastic Jubilee items. Also, the new edition of Elle magazine (with David Beckham on the cover, oh yes!) comes with a free Reiss vest top! Mine is grey and on the back is a crown with a bow in Union Jack colours, cute! They come in multiple colours so you can choose which one you like!
Anyway, despite the freebies, I have been searching for some of the best British bargains on our high street so take a look!
Nail Rock wraps (Topshop) £6.50 (Also in colour)

Vivienne Westwood £55

Accessorize £12

House of Holland £15

Barbour £38 (SALE)

SteamCream Moisturiser £13
Missguided £24.99

Geri Halliwell range at Next £22

Topshop £40
Religion £36 (SALE)
                                                    Topshop £34

Religion £65 (LOVE THESE)

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