Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Her Dark Twisted Fairytale

Just thought I'd update you with what I'm currently doing at uni!

For our Fashion Film module we have to work in groups and make our very own fashion film. Ours is based on the theme of fairytales, but a more modern, fashiony and twisted version. Reading back on old fairytales now, they all seem to have an undercurrent of horror to some extent. Think witches, wolves, spells and poison. We want to reflect this in our film - making people fall in love with fashion and get sucked in to the story we are telling. 

We used this fashion film as inspiration. 'Mechanical Dolls' by Tim Walker, LOVE his films!

Also this film of Lara Stone used to promote Mercedes Benz!

We shot the opening scene last night in the studio at uni. Using the tent from the film 'The Holiday' as inspiration, we recreated our own version and got our model to sit inside reading a fairytale book. Looking innocent in a peter pan collar top, big doll-like eyes and lips and wavy hair pinned back, the scene represents the moments before she "theoretically" gets sucked in to the fairytale, before things take a darker twist....

Our Fashion Fairytale tent!

Our model Alice!

My make up concentration face haha

Bring on the wind machine!


Zoe said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous Jess, such an amazing set! :) xxx

Lipstick Glamour said...

Thanks Zoe!! :) xxxx

Alice said...

your course looks so much fun! and your photos are gorgeous! x

F A R I Z said...

who this make up artist?