Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fashion In Spector

Now that the craziness of fashion week is over and I have caught up on lost sleep I am finally capable of writing a blog post that actually makes sense! I want to tell you about one of my new favourite designers who showed at Vauxhall Fashion Scout whilst I was working there - Inbar Spector.

Inbar Spector

'From Vogue: INBAR SPECTOR is a designer to watch; the Israeli-born creative, who will present her Spring/Summer show at London Fashion Week , is quickly capturing the imaginations of London's most cutting edge scenesters with her "outrageous" constructivism, crinolines and corsetry. 

Taken from her official website, this comment really does sum up who Spector is and what she is all about.
Quirky. Elegant. Bold. Innovative. OTT.

Inbar Spector A/W 2012 Illustration by Mitika Chohan 

Her intricate designs really fascinate me as the amount of detail must have taken her a very long time to design and make. In fact, as I was stood on one of the doors as people were leaving the show I got talking to one of Spector's closest friends who said it had taken her around 4 years to prepare for this show - which doesn't surprise me at all. The A/W 2012 collection has been influenced by the theme of escapism, which is clearly noticeable as all her models look like they have stepped out of some extreme fairytale. Her use of lace, ruffles, silk and a pink/white/light blue colour pallette represents the femininity of the collection, though the use of faux leather and the occasional black garment gives the collection an edge that makes you physically unable to divert your eyes.

Her beautiful designs were accompanied by some fantastic headpieces - jewels of an aray of colours covering the models' faces which added to the sense of surrealism and fairytale. As I watched the models stride past me with their glittering headpieces I couldn't help but briefly fantasize about being a model myself just so I could wear these gorgeous creations! 

However one thing does surprise me. Spector had apparently said her designs are wearable...judging by this collection, unless people want to start dressing like they have just stepped out of a fashionable Narnian wardrobe I'm not so sure I will be seeing people wandering the streets wearing her designs on a regular basis. (As beautiful as they are).  

Here are some of the pictures I took of the collection:

Inbar Spector and I.
Little lady with massive talent.

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Alice said...

wow! those clothes are totally amazing! can't beleive you actually got to see the show and meet the designer! x x x