Sunday, 26 February 2012

London Fashion Week A/W 2012

Two days after my exhausting yet amazing amazing trip to New York, I hopped on a megabus down to London for London Fashion Week. I know, my life really is starting to get exciting ahh! 
I worked at Vauxhall Fashion Scout which is an independent event connected to LFW, which focuses on highlighting new talent in the design industry.

The week really was amazing. Being a member of the front of house team, my role was to primarily make up goodie bags, and to seat the guests at the shows. The week has given me a great amount of experience, and has helped me to decide that I officially want to move to London after I finish uni. 


1) Meeting really inspiring people such as Kate Moss and Henry Holland - people who have made a name for themselves in an industry which I am desperate to make my name in!

2) Meeting model David Gandy.... I think you may understand why (hehe)

3) The goodie bags - we received these at the end of our week, and they consisted of over £70 worth of Body Shop make up, Label M hair products, chocolates and much more! (easily pleased)

4) The shows - I probably should have written this before the goodie bags but I guess I got carried away... Experiencing both the backstage atmosphere and physically watching the shows made me realise why I love fashion. The clothes I got to see were incredible, and I have so much respect for all the designers who put so much effort into their collections!

5) This hasn't actually got anything to do with Fashion Week but we managed to go and see Ghost The Musical whilst in London. Literally the most amazing show I have ever seen, I would definitely go again and would recommend this to any show lover! One of the best! 

More about my favourite designers will be up in the next few days as all this travelling has made me ridiculously tired!

Jess x

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Alice said...

ha the goody bags sonnd amazing, can't beleive you saw kate moss and henry holland! sounds like you've had such an amazing few weeks and that male model is beautiful! x