Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 2 - NYC

FINALLY we have our suitcases!! So here’s my first ‘Today I’m wearing’ post!
This morning I wore a black and white horizontal striped pencil dress from River Island, and a short orange jacket from H&M with my leopard print heels from believe it or not....Mark and Spencers.

This morning was a weird one. I couldn’t wait to open my suitcase, but when I did I found that both my digital camera and Vivienne Westwood necklace were missing. This obviously put a dampener on my day but I was determined to go out and turn it around, as New York is still fabulous.

The first thing I did was venture to the Magnolia Bakery, famous for being adored by Carrie Bradshaw and the other SATC girls. We took our (amazing) cupcakes with us and ate them outside Tiffany’s...(a must!) before pursuing another shopping trip.

The shopping trip wore us out, yes even a group of girly fashion students get overwhelmed sometimes too, so took a taxi back to the hotel. As we’d gone through one whole day of not having our luggage we thought it only fair to change outfits half way through the day. Why not?
I changed into a short b&w dress also from River Island and my new dogtooth coat from Karen Millen.

We then went to the Museum of Sex for some laughs (an experience) and then found an amazing vintage shop in Manhatten called Beacon’s Closet! I tried on dresses by Alice & Olivia, and lovely old sequined jackets but unfortunately they didn’t fit as I’d hoped. This is definitely a must though if you visit NYC, some great bargains to be made!! We went to see the Statue of Liberty and then went on to visit Ground Zero. I didn’t anticipate how emotional this would be, and I was literally brought to tears. Such an amazing memorial, the pools are absolutely breathtaking and it really does put your life into perspective.

Im writing this blog now although it’s only 7pm here in NYC so I’m sure there’ll be more adventures to come!

But for now, bye from NYC xx



babybantick said...

because I feel sorry for your comment section :D.
Glad you're having a 'fabulous' time ;) x

Alice said...

I love all your outfits! especially the coat!!! so jealous, both of the coat and the trip! x x x