Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 3 - NYC

Unfortunately I had internet problems the last few days I was in NYC. Finally I am back in good ol' Newcastle so will finish updating you on my last few amazing days! 

I’ve come to realise that there is never an uneventful day in the Big Apple.

As I previously thought, last night did bring more adventures. Celebrating my friend Holly’s 21st we took the subway to Soho in search for a decent restaurant. On our trek we bumped into two (rather good looking) guys who we then found out were models and had just been booked for Celine! They were quite charming and lead us to a lovely Japanese restaurant. We found out they were also club promoters, and so got us into a club round the corner. MENTAL. It was a good night out experiencing NYC nightlife with the girls but the fun ended when we realised my friend’s drink had been spiked and we had to go back to the hotel.

                                                                    What I wore...

Despite this I was still eager to enjoy my day, and so went to the Big Daddy’s diner for breakfast. The French toast was amazing, the portions so big I couldn’t even eat half!

We then took the subway to Brooklyn, It’s crazy how different it is to the big skyscrapers of Manhatten. There are lots of cute little boutiques and vintage shops wherever you go so It’s a nice change. 

                                                                        What I wore...

One girl struck me as she walked down the street, perfect street style photo opportunity...
Love how people in New York are fearless and have their own personal and quirky styles.

In the evening we went late night shopping, bought various clothes from Forever 21 and make up from Sephora (one of my fave shops ever ever) followed by a meal at the infamous Hard Rock Cafe New York. The food is amazing and set right in the middle of Broadway it’s in the perfect location!

                                                                        What I wore...

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