Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 4 - NYC

It’s come round so quick...Our last day!!! CRY!  
Just when everything begins to pick up and NYC finally gets amazingly exciting our last day arrives, so we were determined to make it an amazing one.

                                                                        What I wore...

The day started out with a spot of shopping, heading back to Broadway, 5th Ave and Urban Outfitters in particular. We also went souvenir shopping, buying mini Statue of Liberty’s and NYC t shirts for example.

The thing I was probably most looking forward to of the whole trip was our lunch... Ellen’s Stardust Diner. A MUST if you are a fan of Glee/Broadway musicals etc. It is a classic American diner selling American food, but the waiters burst out into song every 5 mins, jumping on tables and singing in your faces. Whilst this sounds off putting it really wasn’t and I didn’t want to leave! They work here to be spotted by agencies and Broadway casting crews, and being situated in Broadway I would highly recommend a visit here!

The evening was full of music and dance too. Myself, Bek and Emily went to see Chicago on Broadway. I’ve never been particularly bothered about watching the film but once I saw it I cannot wait to watch it. The songs are amazing and the show in general was just really exciting – another thing I would recommend! Also if any of you are going to visit NYC any time soon, Evita and Ghost The Musical are both heading to Broadway in March – two of my ultimate favourites!!

                                                                     What I wore...

We couldn’t believe our luck when myself and Bek were invited to the Glamour magazine party. We got in with wristbands and it was filled with models, bloggers, photographers, fashion directors and people working fashion week. Arriving late, I missed seeing celebrities such as Olivia Palermo though I would have loved to see her as I love her style! Unfortunately for me I fell over right outside the building when I was leaving... awkward.

Overall this was my favourite day of the whole trip – no worries about luggage, stolen items, spiked drinks or anything, just shopping, music and fashion!

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