Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Day 1 - NYC

Well... Previous to coming to NYC I had big hopes of writing posts filled with exciting stories and amazing experiences of my journey in the Big Apple!!

However...our luggage was lost. Being a fashion student, of all places my luggage had to be lost in New York. I have now lasted 2 whole days wearing pretty much the same outfit. Honestly, If I never see my black jeans and top again I will not even care. I was seriously contemplating facing the streets of New York in my Barbie pyjamas!!

I had intentions of doing ‘What I Wore in NYC’ posts, however my ‘What I Wore’ post from today only reads ‘exactly what I wore yesterday’. Somehow I don’t think this is acceptable in the fashion world...

Anyway with the help of some lovely assistants in Sephora I was given samples of everything I could have needed in terms on make-up, making myself feel at least slightly more presentable. Thank God for this as 2 minutes later I was having my photo taken with the naked cowboy! I also bought myself a new MAC lipstick in ‘Lady Danger’, a sparkly bronze eyeshadow palette from Urban Outfitters and a nail varnish also from Urban Outfitters in ‘Smush’, a lovely duck egg blue colour fitting in with this season’s pastel colours trend.

Not being able to face those dreaded black jeans again, I made a dash to CVC for some tights to go with the tutu skirt I had in my hand luggage (feeling quick Carrie Bradshaw at this moment) despite still feeling a mess.

FINALLY the suitcases have just arrived and so now my spirits are up I can finally look forward to my second day in the Big Apple!! 


Sephora make up samples

More make up samples

My purchases of the day!

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