Monday, 13 February 2012

Final Day - NYC

Woke up at 5:30am (after coming back from the Glamour party at 1am) to get ready to work at the Ruffian show at NYFW! Never done this kind of this before so I was extremely excited for such an amazing opportunity! We had to dress the models for the show. Watching them all over 6ft tall in their shoes with their flawless make up, gorgeous designer clothes, and neatly curled hair it was amazing to believe that these were actually real people. They just looked like dolls to me, and I felt such a mess stood next to them! 
Whilst talking to one model I found it incredible that she was only 16 years old. She told me she had been modelling since the age of 14 after being scouted, and then went on to tell me she was working NYC, London, Milan AND Paris fashion week. I found it extremely hard to imagine a life such as hers at my age, even though I am three years older than her. 

We had to wear black, so this is what I wore...

Later that day there was only time for a quick Macdonalds (you have to experience it in America and besides I had already spent the majority of my dollars!) before we jetted back to the UK!

Finally my trip to the Big Apple was over, but I was relieved by hearing that I will be visiting once again next year for my mum's 50th birthday!

Here is what I wore on the flight home..

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