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"I have always been attracted to the free spiritedness of the 1920's - the soft unstructured silhouettes and light catching fabrics that so epitomise the era took the collection in a very different direction from what we have done in the past."

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to the preview of ROHMIR's Spring/Summer 2013 collection at their flagship London store on Maddox Street. The brand is a luxury fashion brand, founded in 2007 by designer and creative director, Olga Roh, and specialises in ready-to-wear collections! Unfortunately for me I was unable to attend, however I have been sent a few sneaky peek images! After finally gaining access to the internet (the joys of being a student), it's time I share the collection with you!

"The swish of a flapper dress, the glint of candlelight in a crystal champagne glass, the majesty of a sweeping West Egg lawn", is how ROHMIR's new collection has been self described, and it is clear that this collection has taken the brand in a new direction. Inspired by the Roaring Twenties, the brand's collection is oozing with a Great Gatsby-esque sense of glamour and luxury.

The collection is refreshing. When I think of the 1920's look in modern fashion, I think of dark colours, dramatic make up and that stereotypical flapper-style dress. Olga has, instead, taken this look and made it into something a little bit more unique and less stereotypical. The use of colour and pattern modernises the collection, with a mixture of floral and bright prints in some items. One particular eye-catching piece is the one-sleeved Litonya dress, almost resembling a Flamenco gown - a great contrast to those swinging, dazzling and flamboyant flapper dresses. My personal favourite is the Hummingbird dress (SHOW STOPPER ALERT), a floor length, silver sparkling beauty which would make any woman feel a million dollars. The use of light fabrics and bright shades juxtaposed against earthly colour tones makes the collection summertime-friendly - bringing a new twist on 1920's fashion in which I had previously only imagined feathers, smokey eyes and chez-longues. Olga's stereotypical use of pleats, fringing, and luxurious embellishments however, still epitomise the opulence and enchantment of the era  - Great Depression aside of course. 

The collection has been named "Panache" - a word suggesting a sense of extravagance, and according to the brand, "the woman who wears this collection is fiery and compulsive and has a keen eye for the luxurious." 

I will be keeping my eye on this exciting brand. After only launching in 2007 the brand has already grown and launched its own stores in London, Hong Kong, Berlin and Zurich, and I can't wait to see what else they have in store!!

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