Monday, 3 September 2012

The Moustache.

There is something that has been bothering me lately. You may have already noticed that a certain craze has been taking over the high street in the past couple of months...

The Moustache. 

I'm not sure if I really understand it! Fair enough, a bit of face fluff can sometimes be attractive on a man. I'm thinking of a stylish, French-speaking Parisian who sweeps you off your feet under the Eiffel Tower (swoon!). However, any other form of hairy lip just makes me cringe! The only other time I believe it is somewhat acceptable is during 'Movember' - where men are encouraged to grow their facial hair during November to support the 'Movember Foundation', which aims to bring attention to detecting and diagnosing cancer in men. 

The May 2012 edition of Tatler magazine shows Christy Turlington on the cover sporting a drawn on 'tache. I do love this cover though. I think this form of feminine-masculinity represents women in a positive light as it shows strength and character. But a moustache print on clothes doesn't really give off the same effect without being cheesy. Are we just too interested in men? Hairy lips? Who knows! 

Maybe we'll never fully understand why this craze has taken over the female fashion scene, and I wonder if it will ever actually grow on me (excuse the pun). For those of you who do happen to be a fan, take a look at some (of the many) examples that can be found on the high street today...

Urban Outfitters £28

Urban Outfitters £45 (Kate Moss)
Urban Outfitters £45 (Johnny Depp)

Air Freshener Accessorize £2.50

Accessorize £6

Accessorize £7

New Look £7.99

Topshop £20

Topshop £24

Topshop £5

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